Who is Robert Ambrosino?

Robert Ambrosino was an exceptional High School business teacher, football and softball coach, as well as a successful musician within the North Jersey area. He was a graduate of the University of Delaware playing for the Fightin' Blue Hens football team as an offensive center. He would graduate with a degree in agricultural business. After returning home to Sparta, he would coach football and softball for the Sparta High School, as well as many youth programs like recreational and Diamonds softball, which his children were actively involved in. At Dover High School, he would also coach the football and softball teams. Beyond his influence in the classroom and on the field, Rob was known as a local celebrity. He devoted a lot of his time to the popular open mic night hosted at the Lake Mohawk Country Club, as well as many more events there. He also played gigs for many restaurants and parties in Sparta and neighboring towns surrounding. He would go on to marry his wife Kristina and  raise his three children Erika, Lauren, and Robbie. He enjoyed using his love of teaching and instilling his own passions into his kids, as he became their mentor for the many sports and musical programs that his children also learned to enjoy. He touched every person's life in more ways than just the traditional role he was supposed to play. He truly had a way with words and knew exactly how to make others feel special. On Sunday, September 26th, 2021, Rob returned home to get ready for a gig with one of his bands for an afternoon set. He collapsed in his home, after which his wife Kristina called for emergency assistance. It was later confirmed after being transferred to 2 different hospitals that Rob had suffered a brain aneurysm. Before Rob passed away, Kristina made sure that Rob would give any and all working organs towards organ donation. It is reported that Rob's has already helped a number of people since his passing.